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Instead of a puppy, have you considered taking on a Boxer that needs a new home?

There are wonderful Boxers needing new homes have have been relinquished, due to no fault of their own, that would love to find the right owner.   These dogs are usually grown dogs and are past the destructive, demanding "Puppy Years" and are ideal for people who cannot or do not wish to devote the time to feed 4 meals a day to a pup.

There are many reasons that a Boxer needs rescuing and rehoming...... Occasionally some of these Boxers have been a little boisterous due to lack of training, but the right owner can soon correct this. Others are from broken homes or death of the owner.

I always think that there is no such thing as a bad Boxer, just a Boxer that hasn't had the opportunity to be trained correctly!
(Remember a puppy will be a big dog in less than a year!!)

So do what we have done, take on an older dog and your life will be surely blessed!!
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If you feel you would like one of these dogs to complete your family please look at the Boxer Association website!


Or for general puppy enquiries please see


If you are buying a Boxer as a present



A BOXER is a wonderful medium sized family dog.  He/she will be a great companion and friend to you and your children.  He is an active dog and WILL NEED VERY STRICT TRAINING for the first year of his life. This will require one training session a week for you and your family and 10 minutes a day reinforcement training. If you don't have the time for this training then do not get a Boxer!

He will enthusiastically welcome most people you invite into your home but can be very reserved if he feels distrustful of certain individuals. Therefore he will make an excellent watch dog, his looks and barking will scare off any intruder, although little do they know that he is a "pussy cat" at heart!

He can be stubborn and aggravating then turn around and delight and entertain you with his playful antics and exuberance for life. He will play gently with the young children, rough-house with the adults, then stand over you as if to say "come on you guys, I am just getting started".   You can hurt his feelings easily by the tone of your voice or by ignoring him.   Love him and your love will be returned ten fold.  Anyone who does not love a BOXER does not know a BOXER.

The BOXER is definitely NOT an "outdoor" breed!  If he would not be allowed to live in the house as part of your family you would be better to choose another more independent breed!  A BOXER does not have the coat needed for the cold winter and because of their shorter muzzle, they do not tolerate the heat of summer.   They must be protected from the elements, always. Besides, they would be broken hearted if they couldn't be with their people - sharing the sofa or easy chair and your nibbles, as you all watch TV in the evening.

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