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Leroy 4 years
(June 5, 1999 - January 4, 2010)

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When we lost Ike in September 2003, we decided we could not have another dog as he was so irreplaceable in our heart. But as the months went by the house was so quiet and we felt there was something missing in our lives and so we decided to look for another adult Boxer to adopt.

At the Christmas breakup for the Boxer Association, Faye and Dave Crooks had brought Leroy along as they had another male at home that didn't like him and they didn't want them fighting through the pens.

Leroy was a Best In Show winner during his show career, but I knew that they had stopped showing him in the past year as they had other younger stock to campaign, so I suggested to Faye and Dave that they let us have Leroy as our "only child" for a trial period to see how he fits in as he was not house trained, and fortunately for us they agreed!

Being a brindle he was different from Ike in looks, but very similar in temperament. Ike could always be found either sitting by the front window "on guard" or laying behind my chair while I was on the computer, and within a few weeks Leroy had decided that was where he would be as well. I often wonder if Ike was whispering in his ear that Leroy's job now was to look after me as well as he did!

That's not to say he did not adore Ian as well, as he went to Ian first at the dinner table and laid his head on his lap and looked up with his big eyes and as if to say "Mummy has me on a diet, but I know you will feed me, Daddy". When I was away he was good company for Ian and followed him everywhere.

He was a delightful dog to live with and after the first year we decided "the trial" is over and he stayed at Intrends until he passed over to the Rainbow Bridge in January 2010

Leroy doing the dishes
Leroy helping Mum do the dishes

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