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Two of the Famous Four litter -  Ch.Fiddlededee & Ch.Golden Fiddle at 7 weeks of age.

Judy is an International All Breeds Judge and is very much in
demand worldwide, both with her judging, and giving lectures on the Boxer.

Being situated in the metroplitan area of Melbourne, Intrends was never a large kennel, only ever breeding one to three litters a year. I chose to keep only the current showdogs at home, giving each individual attention, and placing selected bitches out in loving homes on breeding terms. By careful choice of both stud dogs and puppies, Intrends became one of the most successful and well known lines in Australia.

I started my life with Boxers in the usual way by first buying a pet in 1964 for the children.On joining the Boxer Club and becoming interested in showing, my search began for the right dog. In 1965 I discovered an 18 month old dog, "Jaywick Copperplate", line bred on "Rainy Lane Raffles" lines, who had been doing some winning, but his owner did not have the time to show. He obtained his title easily, and I was hooked!

During this time I met Jennifer Matthews and her mother who were showing a beautiful bitch, "Ch.Topline Thomasina", and as it was decided to breed these two together we registered "Arakoola" as a joint kennel name.Together we bred five champions, but when Jennifer moved interstate in 1970, we decided the name "Arakoola" should go with her, so I registered "INTRENDS" as my kennel name!

Ch.Arakoola Autumn Haze Ch.Arakoola Kiss N Tell
Ch.Arakoola Autumn Haze
by Ch.Jaywick Copperplate
Ch.Arakoola Kiss N Tell
by Ch.Capride Wild Fire

Ch.Atones Mujuba
Ch.Atones Mujuba
by Ch.Cudgewa Gaylord
(Wild Fire son)

The 3 original foundation bitches of Intrends Boxers

I kept the two Arakoola half sisters, pictured above, "Ch.Arakoola Autumn Haze" by Copperplate, and "Ch.Arakoola Kiss N Tell", by an "Eng.Ch.Wardrobes Morning Canter" son. A year later I purchased another bitch also from the "Wardrobes" line, "Ch.Atones Mujuba", "Angie", who won well in the ring for me, winning two Boxer Specialties, a Royal Challenge and numerous group awards.

"Angie" when mated to a grandson of Eng.Ch.Wardrobes Morning Canter produced "Intrends Pot O Gold", the dam of 6 champions, an Australian record until recently.

View Pedigree of Intrends Pot O Gold

Intrends Boxers were making themselves felt on the show scene during the early to middle 70's, then in 1978 the sensational "Ch.Intrends Bedazzled" was born and really put Intrends on the map!The granddaughter of "Angie" put to the fabulous show dog of the time "Ch.Phoenix Jason Argonaut" produced "Honey", who took the showring by storm! She became a Multi Group and Best In Show All Breeds winner, plus winning 3 Boxer Specialties and Royal Show Challenge, going Opposite sex to her father.

In the late 70's I went to England and during that visit stayed for a few days with the famous Marion Fairbrother. During that stay I was really impressed by the fabulous "Eng.Ch. Gremlin Summer Storm". He was the style of dog I really loved and vowed to try ot breed one like him. I also loved his sire "Famous Footsteps".

Eng.Ch. Gremlin Summer Storm (UK)
Eng.Ch. Gremlin Summer Storm

On my return I judged a show in NSW where "Ch.Gremlin Great Gale" a son of "Storm" was shown.
I liked his style too as he was very like his sire, and so decided to put my "Goldie" to him. This resulted in an exiting trio being born. "Ch.Intrends Winds O Change", "Ch.Intrends Wind Song" and "Ch.Intrends Nitengale". These girls were great winners, also winning Boxer Specialties, Royal Challenges and In Show Awards.

In 1983 two things happened to again make a impact on my breeding!

The first was the importation to Australia of "Am/Can Ch. Tradonalee's Tradewin", by myself and 7 other Boxer breeders in syndicate. I mated "Tradewin" to "Pot O Gold" and "Ch.Intrends Star Spangled" was produced, and mated "Wind Song" to him and produced "Ch.Intrends Wind Storm".The fabulous half-sisters started another winning streak for Intrends, and "Wind Storm" produced 4 Champions.

The second exiting happening was being able to have the opportunity to purchase "Glevensium Livia (Imp in Dam)", a striking classic daughter of "Eng.Ch. Kimbra Uncle Sam of Winuwuk", linebred to "Shadrack".

"Livia" when put to a son of "Aust Ch.Thasrite of Panfield" out of a line bred daughter of "Great Gale", produced "I. Over the Moon DOM", who when mated to the outstanding English Import "Ch.Faerdorn Raise a Riot", produced the "Famous Four" litter, featured on the Home page.A grandaughter of hers also mated to "Raise a Riot" produced the first Grand Champion for Intrends, the sensational "Grand Ch.Intrends Hot Chocolate".

Glevesium Livia (imp in dam UK)

Glevensium Livia (Imp in Dam UK)
Eng.Ch.Kimbra Uncle Sam of Winuwuk
Milray's Red Baron of Valvay(Imp USA) daughter

View her Pedigree

I am proud of the fact that both the "Livia" and "Pot O Gold" bloodlines are now behind many Boxers, both here in Victoria and Interstate, that are making a decided contribution to the breed in Australia.

On a judging trip to New Zealand in 1993 I fell in love with a striking, very correct Boxer, "NZ.Ch.Raevon Colour Me Red" who had all the attributes I was searching for to mate back to my bitches. After much negotiation I was able to bring him back to Intrends, the first male housedog since "Copperplate" in the 1960's. One of his daughters mated to the wonderfully bred American Import "TuRo's Crosstime" produced the latest Best In Show winner for Intrends, "Ch.Intrends Time After Time".

As a licenced All Breeds judge, I have found that judging curtailed my breeding program as it was almost impossible to have a litter when you are away from home so much, and my Ian, although he loves the dogs, is not really *doggy*, so sadly I no longer breed this wonderful breed.

The exhilarating years of breeding and showing may be over, but the halcyon years have now begun, where I can sit back and enjoy seeing the new young stock, carrying on the bloodlines of all my old dogs.
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